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Game News
Welcome to <Cursed Valor> we are a raiding guild looking to clear old content such as ICC and ulduar for achievement runs and titles, and new content in Cataclysm!

Please register to our guild by pressing the button "Join Cursed Valor" at the top of the page and filling out the recruitment forms! no personal infomation is given away or asked for! :)

we also accept social members so invite your friends, even if they're not ready for raiding!

feel free to comment on fourms and give your opinions! :)

General guidelines
Actions that we encourage:
* Respect other guild members
* Greeting fellow Guild-mates
* Participating in Guild-chat. The more we talk, the more we get to know each other!
* Respecting queues on quest monsters
* Helping guild members out when you have time to spare

Actions that we discourage:
* Continual help request from low level alts
* Gear and loot bragging
* Spamming Guild-chat
* Not sharing loot with the party, aka ninja-looting
* Stealing monsters from others, or ninja-pulling
* Badmouthing other players behind their backs
*Swearing in guildchat or on the main channel on vent, we have all ages in the guild
* Telling other players how they should play their class in a patronizing way
* Immature behavior in any way

Voice communication
When raiding, all members must be on vent. Failure to do this will result in removal from raids. Repeated failure without having a strong reason, could lead to demotion.

Whining on vent will not be accepted as it disrupts raids. If you have a valid point to make, make it in a civilized manner, in whisper, towards an officer present in raid. Casual banter is encouraged, within reasonable limits, and not during boss fights.

Vent can be used at your leisure outside raid times.

When raiding you should always follow your raid leader's directions. If you have suggestions of changes in strategy, you can discuss these in the raid chat between wipes, or with an officer. Unfounded whining however, is not accepted; if you don't have anything constructive to be said about the strategy in question, don't say it at all. There should also be no backseat raid-leading. Yelling and/or other inappropriate behavior in a raid can result in removal from said raid and removal of any earned epgp for that raid.

Raid attendance is expected to as high as possible. please try to come as often as you can.

Mandatory addons
A few addons are required to raid with us. An up-to-date list of these can be found in our addons section on these forums. As of the writing of this, the list includes DBM/BigWigs, Ora2 and Omen.

While raiding is serious business it is also about having fun too. Bitching about wiping is a surefire way to annoy the raid leaders. Wipes happen, and occasionally comedy wipes too, if you can't deal with it, don't join.

Raid start
Raid members are expected to turn up to a raid at the rally point 15 minutes before the raid time. If you know you are going to be late due to work or whatever, make a note in the raid planner and log outside the raid instance to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.

Major errors
Penalties may be given for serious errors during raids, but the aim is to make raids as fun as possible so try not to push things too far and the raid leader wont be forced to take action they do not wish to.

Raiders must turn up with ample supply of all beneficial consumables (this includes food) and reagents. Gold is a non-issue in WOTLK and any complaining by members about this is not accepted. Guild crafters can help create these for you. When the raid leader calls for flasks, all raiders must use one. This is not arguable. If you do not have one you should ask your class members if they can lend you one. In the cases where a flask is not beneficial (no mana problems, etc.) you should instead use elixirs. Everyone has a buff they can use, and they do make a difference.
Enchants and Gems
Every raiding member is expected to have the very best enchants and gems available, failure to comply will mean that the offender is demoted until the matter has been resolved.

Raid leaders discretion
A raid leader may waive all of the above rules if he/she deems necessary. Complaints about this should be taken an officer after the raid. Whines during raids will be ignored, and will only serve to piss officers off further.

Guild Bank permissions

If you put into the guild bank tabs you will be put into the rank exalted member, which enables you to take out of the bank.  Officers have there own tab to do as they wish with, other tabs are maintained by the bank manager and if you wish to purchase or use item's you will have to ask them. Raw materials are turned into item's of use and will not be given out willy nilly to anyone, it is up to you to max your professions yourself, if we can help we will,but we will not provide all the materials for you to do this. Purchases from the guild bank are at a lower rate than the AH ie enchantments,flasks,food buffs etc.

Officers will be integral in laying a foundation for the future of this Guild, and as such need to be somewhat mature players.
Class leaders are the first to come to mind. This type of authority should have a keen knowledge of the common specs and rotations for their class. They should be familiar with itemization for their charges and advocate for them in loot decisions.

Raid leaders are an absolute blessing. He or she can either be in charge of raiding as a whole or just fill in for the GM as needed. It is very helpful to assign an assistant Raid Leader to the Loot Master position so that the raid can continue with trash pulls as loot is distributed. Raid Leaders should be intimately familiar with the fights, and have enough patience to be able to explain them.

Officers should be able to resolve issues without being curt. In the end, even those who have been on the receiving end of "discipline" are often thankful for the correction, as are the people around them. I generally find it better to try to work with someone and explain what needs to change and why before they are removed from the guild.

Remember that your officers should be respected. They must be people you can count on to take the high road in disputes without resorting to degradation, insults, or anger. I believe that corrections should be discreet, and officers should make every effort to minimize drama. When officers remove people from the guild, generally the guild deserves an explanation as to why.

Though it may sound like a powerful position, being a good officer is a lot of work. They must attend to the guild and guild functions regularly. They do not have the luxury of being able to ignore a guildie that they do not like or playing favorites with loot or raid spots. Officers do what needs to be done.

Good leadership can make or break a guild. Guildies don't have to like all of the officers in a guild, but they should respect them

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